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When it comes to settling down, most Keralites look for an independent house in a good residential area. However,with changing lifestyles and with our cities growing very fast, customers face challenges in areas like good neighbourhood, ease of commuting and safety which forces them to consider an apartment option. CubicSpaces is making an earnest effort to sort out all these concerns and provide the customer the option of an independent villa of the highest quality built at a very competitive price.

By buying a villa from CubicSpaces, the customer can avoid all trust related uncertainties that an apartment buyer has go through. Customer funds are 100% safe throughout the engagement through stage-wise payments, till the villa is handed over.

There is a saying that goes – “what you see is what you get”.  This is what you can expect when you engage with CubicSpaces. The customer gets what he or she agreed with us as per the approved 3D plan provided initially, with no surprises at the end.

Our primary focus is onpremium middle-level residential segment.  In the real estate market, defective titles are a major worry; a construction defect can be rectified but not defective land title. Our team works with the highest ethical values, we make sure from day one to give perfect /clear land titles to our customers.

Right location

Location is an important factor for all home buyers – for convenient access to workplace, schools, convenience stores, and hospitals. Our choice of project location is made considering all these constraints.

Right Products

Our designs are not predefined as in usual villa projects. Customer can work with our design team to get a plan that suits them. They can build a completely tailor-made villa and select a land size that meets their requirement. Keeping the customer in mind while providing efficient plans, reduced space wastage and sensible amenities are our top priorities. We are nimble and agile to meet each customer requirements.

Right Price

Price of the property depends on location, construction cost, amenities and open spaces in the project. Large projects can amortize amenities and open spaces and reduce cost. We consider all aspects to provide the best price value combination to our customers.

Right Engagement

Our Marketing and Engineering team listen to and provide valuable insights so that the customer can take right decisions from day one of their engagement with us till handing over the property.